Book #20: Don’t Worry It Gets Worse by Alida Nugent

Don't Worry It Gets Worse Cover

Nugent’s book is funny and written in a format that lends itself well to millennials. It feels more like a collection of long blog entries than anything else and she speaks in a way that feels very natural and more like the spoken word than most of the nonfiction I’ve experienced. There are tons of little references to things that people of our generation experienced growing up and while at the book borders on the ridiculous at times there are certainly parts that ring a chord with me. The author’s experiences certainly reflect in parts many different people I’ve known. Her humor is cynical, sharp, and more than a little jaded. A good read for millennials but not a book I would recommend to people from an older generation since I think much of her humor would be lost on them. I enjoyed it for the most part but I felt like there was more than a little filler in it and she did repeat herself a bit but most comedians do so I won’t hold it against her.

Book: #20 of 100

Number of Pages: 188

Total Number of Pages: 5,927

Days Remaining: 300

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