Book #7: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins


I’m not sure how I expected this book series to end but I was surprised at which characters lived and which died. I wish that the ending would have gone into some more details about how the new Capitol was structured, what happened in the last Hunger Games, and what became of some of the supporting cast but all in all I found the ending to be relatively satisfying. I thought it was fitting that Katniss ended up with Peeta and that people found a way to rebuild and move on with their lives. I also appreciated that the author did not wave a magic wand and make the wounds that were inflicted by the tragedies they faced disappear or completely fade away as authors so often do with these types of books.  May check out Collins’ Gregor the Overlander series at some point.

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Number of Pages: 458

Total Number of Pages: 2394

Days Remaining: 357

Book #6: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins


The second book in the series was quite entertaining although I felt the time in the arena seemed a little rushed. I enjoyed the implications of the uprisings against the Capitol although I was disappointed we didn’t get extended details about the other Districts or get to know the full extend of what is going on. I suppose that we are only given the opportunity to know what is happening through Katniss POV and she didn’t know the full extend so it’s only natural we wouldn’t have those details. I’m hoping when I watch the movie that it will fill in some of those details like they did in the first movie. I did enjoy this book though and finished it in half the time of the first book. I look forward to wrapping up the series.

Book: #6 of 100

Number of Pages: 472

Total Number of Pages: 1936

Days Remaining: 358

Book #5: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


I have been meaning to get around to reading this series since I saw the movie a few years back. I have the box set of the three books so expect to see the other two added to my list soon. The book was so close to the movie I was actually disappointed. I expected them to have left a lot out but most of it was there and in fact it seemed like the movie gave you more details since you found out about what was happening outside the arena. Unfortunately, the book is never as good if you watch the movie first. I can’t fault the book for that. I do enjoy the author’s writing style and the character. Thankfully I have only seen the first movie in the series so I am sure the remaining books will be better. Will keep you posted on my progress.

Book: #5 of 100

Number of Pages: 454

Total Number of Pages: 1464

Days Remaining: 359